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Flax Seed Oil Benefits

What are Cold Pressed Seed Oils?

Seeds, of course, are produced by plants to provide the highly concentrated nutritional substances needed to stimulate growth of new plants. Surrounded by hard-coated capsules, they are chockfull of life-force and vital nutrients. They are also the source of seed oil. Seeds have formed a basic element of the human diet for thousands of years, prized for their delicious and satisfying flavors as well as their health-promoting properties. In modern society, seeds are often neglected as part of the daily diet. Concentrated, pure, freshly-pressed seed oil, such as Andreas Seed Oils, are a great way to maximize the benefits of seed consumption. They provide a stimulating dose of healing and revitalizing nutrition at the cellular level.

What will seed oil do for me?

With daily use, the nutritional and life-giving properties of seed oils will reach every part of your body head to toe, and every organ including your skin will benefit. As the germinating force of life, seed oils contain the DNA “blueprint of life” and are nature’s perfected blend for nutrition, health and strength.

What to look for when purchasing seed oils

The best and most effective seed oils begin with the finest organic seeds, freshly harvested and carefully transported from the field. The method used to extract the oils from their protective coverings is a crucial element. Hydraulic and cold expeller pressing may fracture and damage the components of seed oil. Solvent extraction adds undesirable chemicals that may cause damage. Such damage may cause the seed oil to prematurely oxidize or turn rancid. Refrigeration may delay spoilage but also harms the beneficial elements of seed oil.

Our unique process avoids the problems and damage of other methods. Our presses are extremely powerful yet treat the seeds gently enough to preserve the essential qualities of the seed oil in a way that does not require refrigeration to achieve a shelf life ranging from 3-12 months.

Every bottle of Andreas Seed Oil is:

  • A blend of freshly-harvested USDA certified organic non-GMO seeds, subject to our strict quality controls.
  • Freshly cold-pressed using proprietary technology that preserves the essential elements of the oils.
  • Instantly sealed in premium light-protective Miron glass bottles, upon pressing to protect potency.

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