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We are the original, founding creators and makers of Andreas Seed Oils, Cold Pressed from Certified Organic, Non-GMO seeds.

Andreas Seed Oils is the first and only raw, undamaged seed oil that has fully unlocked the powerful life-energy from organic seeds.

Andreas Seed Oils was created to bring health and wellness to people through food. The right foods made up of essential fats, vitamins, and minerals are necessary to be truly healthy. The natural balance of these nutrients is offered in our purely pressed oils.

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Our Seed Oils are Certified USDA Organic
Our Seed Oils are Non-GMO
Andreas Wecker, Founder of Andreas Seed Oils

How I Fought A Dreaded Disease - And Won!

Hello! My name is Andreas Wecker, Founder of Andreas Seed Oils.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how I got started, and giving me the opportunity to share my life-changing experience with you.

After three months of supplementing with flaxseed oil, I stopped taking the prescribed medications for Crohn’s Disease entirely.

I continue my vision of producing the purest food oils that can be pressed, as a reminder to myself for the reasons why I am still here.

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The Ultimate Health Collection is the perfect health bundle combination to protect and build your immune system.

It is important to use these nine oils as each oil has a separate function to help with inflammation, detoxing, removing heavy metals, and overall gut health.

This great-tasting oil collection is the best fuel you can supply your body at a cellular level to thrive in every way possible.

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Many of you asked, which oils did Andreas take to eliminate his Crohn’s Disease?

Along with a modified diet, Andreas took a combination of three oils: Flax Seed, Coriander, and Five Seed Blend. It is important to use these three Andreas Seed Oils together, as each has a separate function.

The use of these three oils has been continuous for Andreas even long after his symptoms have subsided.

Woman Holding Bottle of Cold Pressed Sunflower, Black Cumin and 5 Seed Oil Blend

Incorporate Andreas' Cold Pressed USDA Seed Oils to your diet and feel the difference.

Supporting our immune system is important! That's why Andreas Premium Living Oils combines nature's most powerful superfood seeds to effectively strengthen your immune system while improving overall health.

Our superfood living oils detoxify the body, are rich in antioxidants, and have tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. By enjoying these oils your body receives a rush of nutrients that can heal and revitalize your body at the cellular level.