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For thousands of years, man has used seeds for culinary and medicinal purposes, enjoying their rich and distinctive flavours and health promoting compositions.

Browse our unique cold pressed seed oils – technology that is so delicate yet powerful that the precious nutrient qualities of the seeds are left undamaged. The result is high quality oil that needs no refrigeration and will last for up to a year in the kitchen cupboard.

Many seed oil companies use methods to extract the oils that damage the nutrient value of the oil. All Andreas Seed oils contain the DNA “blueprint of life” and are the perfect blend of nutritional seed oils containing 100% Life Energy – using the most advanced German COLD PRESS technology.

Every bottle of  Andreas Seed Oils is:

  • A blend of fresh-harvested USDA certified organic seeds, tested with our strict quality standards.
  • Pure-pressed using proprietary COLD PRESS technology, extracted in a fraction-of-a-second.
  • Instantly sealed in a new premium light-protective Miron Bottle, upon pressing.

While you can consume seeds as part of your daily diet, enjoying concentrated seed oil is a great way to capitalize on nutrients. It is similar to the nutritional punch that you get when you juice a load of fresh veggies and fruits as opposed to eating them all at one time. Your body receives a rush of nutrients that can heal and revitalize your body at the cellular level.